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Bandol Blanc 2018

Grape variety: 50% Clairette, 40% Ugni Blanc, 10% Vermentino

Terroir: Limestone and clay soils. Vineyard cultivated in terraces (locally called “restanques”) on the steep slopes of a natural cirque.

Yields:  30 hl/ha             Average age of the vines: 6 years old

Winemaking process: The grapes are hand-harvested and sorted in the vineyard. They are then sorted again at the cellar before being de-stemmed. After a 12 to 14 hours of maceration, the grapes are pressed and then fermented for about 20 days at 17-20°C in stainless steel tanks. Finally the wines are aged 6 months in tanks.

Vintage: 2017 ended with drought as it had started. The winter began, the rain came back. The first buds hatched around the beginning of April, watered by heavy rains. The weather was ideal to enhance soil life but also mildew… The spring was very rainy which made it hard to win the fight against the mildew and this capricious weather lasted until July. 

The vines were very generous in grapes which made it necessary to destem to boost the ripeness of the grapes and to thin out the leaves to aerate the grapes. The harvest started on September the 3rd with the Cinsault grapes, which suffered from the wet conditions of 2018 and therefore were less concentrated and damaged. Thus, they had to be sorted thoroughly in the vines but also in the cellar. Hopefully, September was the only rain-free month of the year, which lead to a perfect ripeness for the Mourvèdre. The harvest ended September 25th. 

Taste: The intense nose displays deep aromas of white flowers and broom flowers. The attack is mineral, lively and harmonious. The taste reveals a bouquet of delicate aromas such as tropical fruits, white flowers and citrus fruits.

Serve :  Best served chilled, 10 to 12°C.

Food pairings :

  • Fish and seafood
  • Summer salads and goat cheese