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First impressions, initial emotion

07 Nov 2014

7th November 2014

Whilst the red has just been transferred to the barrels and the rosé is about to be assembled, our first impressions of our first vintage are excellent.

2014 began with an extremely wet winter. Water reserves were full and the springs were still gushing freely in the springtime when the vine was starting  to bloom in April.  Whilst the vines in the Var suffered from heavy rainfall and even flooding during the spring, the Bandol vineyards were protected by their natural position and the heavy rain did not affect them.  The grapes grew in healthy conditions, and the earth remained moist thanks to the water reserves from the winter.

July and August were fine, though cool, which slowed ripening down. At the beginning of August parts of the new vine were beginning to suffer from lack of water, whereas the old vines benefited from the underground moisture accumulated in the deep clay soil characteristic of Canadel.

The welcome rains came at the end of August and hot temperatures at the beginning of September matured the grapes perfectly.

Harvesting began on 3rd September.  Midway through harvesting, on 19th September, the weather suddenly broke with a hailstorm the like of which Bandol had never seen before. Harvesting continued in the thick mud. The plots that had not been harvested were lightly affected by the hail, but careful sorting in the vineyard and in the cellar resulted in an excellent quality grape. Harvesting ended on 26th September.

In the cellar, which was just ready in time, the vinification process came fully up to expectations.  The smell of freshly-set cement was replaced by the odors of citrus and red berries escaping from the fermenting rosé tanks, whilst the red grape tanks corresponding to different parcels of land, bit by bit revealed a wide variety of spicy and black berry fragrances as the fruit fermentation progressed.  After 3 to 4 weeks fermentation the rosé was put into barrels and the red extracted from the tanks and put into 30 to 80 hl barrels.

We will be on the Port of Bandol on 7th December for the fête of this year’s vintage.  You will be able to taste the 2014 Bandol Rosé whose first bottles will be on the market in March 2015.  You will also be able to taste the Red Bandol that will be available in March 2016.  As from now, you can visit the estate, and taste the first 2014 vintage, the writer of the first chapter in the story of Chateau Canadel


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