Gold medal for our Altum 2019 vintage

G o l d m e d a l f o r o u r A l t u m 2 0 1 9 v i n t a g e


Our vintageAltum 2019 received the most prestigious medal at the “Concours Général Agricole” from the agriculture exhibition 2022. A magnificent gold medal rewarding the work of our entire team and highlighting the exceptional terroir of our vintage. Altum.

Grown on the estate’s highest terraces in the front of the sea, the Mourvèdres that make up the Altum vintage benefit from ideal conditions for producing a great wine. It’s this amazing condition who give the name Altum for this vintage : in latin, Altum have 3 significations :

Altum = Depth :Mourvèdre’s roots plunge into the depths of a clay-limestone soil dating from the Triassic period (-230 MA). This exceptional soil and subsoil guarantee an ideal water supply for the vines, thanks to the clay’s capacity to retain water. The depth of the soil, combined with the characteristics of the limestone, give the wine its fine tannins and great freshness.

Altum = Height : The plot of Altum vintage is the highest on the estate. Thanks to this location, it enjoys an exceptional micro-climate. In fact, unlike the vines on the hillside, the hilltop benefits from a light wind and ideal fresh atmosphere, enabling the vines to grow in perfectly balanced conditions.

Altum = « In the open sea »: Situated at an altitude of 280m, the Altum plot offers a marvellous panorama of the Mediterranean Sea. In Bandol, it’s often said that Mourvèdre needs to see the sea to flourish ! In fact, at this location and altitude, the vines benefit from the “air-conditioning” effect of the Mediterranean. The proximity of the sea means cool nights, allowing ideal ripening of the grapes. As a result, the wines have a great tannic strength.