The 2019 vintage of Bandol, a vintage marked by contrasting climatic conditions. The rainy autumn recharged the soil with water, while winter and spring were dry, with cool temperatures. Despite a heatwave during the summer, the vineyard maintained perfect health thanks to its deep reserves in the soil. The harvest stardted in August, with healthy grapes of excellent quality. The wines of the 2019 vintage stand out for their delicacy, fruitiness, freshness and a beautiful balance.

T h e v i n t a g e 2 0 1 9

Vintage 2019

C l i m a t t u m u l t u e u x e t v i n s g é n é r e u x

all in excess

After a vintage generous with rain and grapes, 2019 reminds us of the current excesses of the climate, blowing hot, cold and dry …

reserves to cross the desert

The vintage began with really good autumn and winter rains, 500 mm of water replenishing the soil.

The first buds opened timidly at the beginning of April, and the vines continued to grow very slowly but steadily, anticipating the great drought they were about to experience. The last drop of rain fell on April 7, leaving us without water for 5 months.

relative coolness and great drought

April and May were fairly cool, with many days of very drying wind. In these conditions, the vines continued to grow steadily but slowly, accumulating up to 12 days of delay.

a dry but mild summer

The first major heat waves arrived quite late, on June 20, and the vines began to show signs of water stress, accentuated by the heat waves of July. Hopefully, August was relatively temperate, with often cool nights and fine morning dews, helping to accelerate ripening, which came much earlier than expected for all the grape varieties.

return of the rain ... after the battle !

We began harvesting on August 29 with some very nice Grenache and Cinsault grapes for the rosé. Although very small, the berries were perfectly healthy, with good reserves of acidity. To preserve this fine balance and avoid over-ripeness, we accelerated the rhythm of the harvest, moving on to the Mourvèdres. On September 10, the rain returned with a 50 mm storm, but the dice had already been cast : the riped grapes didn’t benefit from this rain. We finished the harvest on September 13, with 30% less grapes, but of very high quality.

an intense year

The rosés are very aromatic, with a lovely freshness despite the very hot, dry vintage. The reds are powerful and well-balanced, with delicate tannins and aromas of fresh red fruit. 2019 is a very promising vintage, in line with 2015 and 2016.